II Oxbridge Conference – Programação Preliminar

The preliminary programme of the II Oxbridge Conference: Brazil, Research and Developmentis is now available on http://oxbridgeonbrazilstudies.webs.com/programme

You still have time to register! We are inviting all academics, researchers and students interested in Brazil, to attend the II Oxbridge Conference: Brazil, Research and Development. The II Oxbridge Conference is a multi-disciplinary event that brings together scholars from the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and arts to discuss the potential effects of their research to Brazil. This year, the Conference will take place at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, on June 1st. Please, note that in order to confirm your attendance, you have to register.

Registration is done by:

1. paying £12.00 conference fee. The fee can be paid directly through our website:


The £12.00 fee comprises all conference costs, including a three-course lunch;

2. sending an email to submissionoxbridge@gmail.com confirming that you have made the payment.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at submissionoxbridge@gmail.com Looking forward to seeing you in the Conference. Best regards, Oxbridge Conference Organising Committee http://oxbridgeonbrazilstudies.webs.com

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